There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to Keep a Volkswagen from Getting You Where You Need to Go!

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Tips for Safely Driving a Volkswagen on Steep Mountain Roads

Here at Douglas Volkswagen, we love calling New Jersey home. However, we are always eager to explore other parts of the United States in our favorite Volkswagen models. Many of our dream road trip destinations have us driving through steep mountain passes – something that we are not used to seeing in New Jersey. Trekking up and down mountains requires a different kind of driving and mentality in order to be safe, and we are happy to offer some helpful tips!

Make Sure Your Volkswagen is Mountain-Ready
Trekking up and down steep mountain passes is surprisingly tough on a vehicle and its engine. Before heading out on your adventure, schedule an appointment with our service center to ensure that everything in your Volkswagen is working properly.

Fill Up Your Fuel Tank Before You Start Climbing
You use substantially more gas when you go up steep mountain passes, so make sure you have a full tank!

Keep an Eye on Your Volkswagen’s Temperature Gauge
Like we said, mountain driving can be tough on your engine and steep climbing can cause the engine to overheat. As you are driving, keep an eye on your Volkswagen model’s temperature gauge and if it is starting to creep into the danger zone, turn off your air conditioner for a while and if need be, pull over and turn off your engine to let it cool down.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected
Mountains are the perfect habitat for a variety of wildlife species and on occasion, they will be out on the road, so see your eyes open and avoid hitting them. Additionally, some areas of the road closer to the mountain may have been washed out a little, so try to avoid going over any debris.

Pay Attention to the Weather
Rough weather can mean heavy winds, rain, or even snow in the mountains and can make driving especially difficult, so take a look at the weather forecast before climbing.

Do NOT Ride Your Brakes on the Way Down!
We can’t stress this enough – riding your brakes (as tempting as it can be) down the mountain is one of the worst things you can do for your Volkswagen. It can result in an overheated braking system that can fail later. Instead, shift your Volkswagen into a lower gear for extra traction. If your speed starts to creep up, use the 5-5-5 method, where you stab the brakes for no more than five seconds to drop the speed by five miles per hour, and then let the brakes rest for five seconds. When driving on a mountain pass, we recommend staying at the posted speed limit or five under to stay in control and prepared for unexpected turns.

Finally, enjoy the view!

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