VW Atlas vs. Toyota Highlander

April 22nd, 2022 by

As you look for your next family vehicle, you may wish to consider crossover SUVs. For many families, vehicles in this category hit the sweet spot, offering plenty of flexibility to cart around kids and their friends, to stow cargo, and more.


But out of all the great crossover SUVs on the market today, which is the best bet? Two of the most popular entries in their category are the VW Atlas and the Toyota Highlander. Take a moment to consider how these vehicles compare with one another.


The VW Atlas


Let’s start by considering the VW Atlas. Here are a few of the top selling points for this crossover SUV:


  •   A spacious interior provides plenty of room for passengers to be comfortable. Note that the VW Atlas offers a full three rows of seating.
  •   The VW Atlas is also a lot of fun to drive, offering a smooth ride quality and precise handling.
  •   The cabin is filled with controls and tech amenities that are intuitive and easy to use.


In addition to these selling points, we’ll simply note that the VW Atlas demonstrates the typical Volkswagen commitment to robust performance and competitive fuel economy.


The Toyota Highlander


Now consider the pros and cons of the Toyota Highlander:


  •   The Toyota Highlander offers a comfortable and quiet ride.
  •   Visibility is great; it’s always really easy to see out of this vehicle.
  •   This vehicle offers decent power and fuel economy.
  •   The third row is really just for small kids; it’s not nearly as spacious as you might hope for.
  •   The amount of cargo space is a little bit disappointing, especially when compared with other vehicles in this category.


The bottom line: While both vehicles are worth considering, it’s ultimately the VW Atlas that wins the day.


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