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Get a Tire Rotation for Your Volkswagen in Summit, NJ

If your vehicle is going to run properly, routine maintenance is essential. Most people keep up with their oil changes and tune-ups; however, many don’t have their tires rotated regularly. This is a mistake. There are several reasons why rotating your tires regularly is so important.

What Is a Tire Rotation?

When you have your tires rotated, the mechanic will put your vehicle on the lift and change each of the tires’ position. A certain tire rotation pattern is used, and the pattern that your vehicle needs depends on if it is a front-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive.

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Why Do I Need To Have My Tires Rotated?

There are several benefits of having your tires rotated regularly. These include:

  • Even wear: When you have your tires rotated regularly, they will wear evenly, which is essential for your safety.
  • Longer tire life: When you have your tires rotated, and they wear evenly, they will last longer. If you don’t have your tires rotated, two will wear down faster than the others. When this happens, the two worn tires will need to be replaced early. This won’t happen when the tires are rotated.
  • Safety reasons: Uneven tires won’t grip the road the way they should, creating hazardous conditions while driving. Having your tires rotated will allow them to wear evenly, making them safer for driving.
  • Better performance: When you have your tires rotated, the mechanic will balance them as well. This will help them perform much better on the road.
  • Protect other parts of the vehicle: Having your tires rotated will protect other parts of your vehicle, including the suspension system, axles, brakes, differentials, wheel bearings, and wheels.

How Often Should I Have My Tires Rotated?

We recommend that you have your tires rotated every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. When they are due for a tire rotation, many drivers will have it done at the same time as an oil change.

Tire Rotation Service

Why Choose Douglas Volkswagen?

If you are due for a Volkswagen tire rotation, don’t waste your time doing a google search for “tire rotation in Summit.” Instead, schedule an appointment with Douglas Volkswagen.

Suppose you are planning to wait for one of our certified technicians to rotate your tires. In that case, you can relax in our comfortable waiting area, complete with free WiFi, complimentary snacks, a complimentary beverage and breakfast bar, and fully stocked vending machines. We also have business workstations so you can work while you wait and we have a quiet room.

If you cannot wait for your vehicle to be ready, we have a transportation shuttle and courtesy loaners. We even provide home or office pick-up and delivery. To schedule your appointment for a tire rotation, give us a call or book your appointment online today.


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