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The Volkswagen Group is committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change driving to aim to be carbon neutral across its fleet, production, and administration globally by 2050. The next big step toward making that goal a reality is near production!

Huge buzz is already surrounding the two highly anticipated Volkswagen electric concept vehicles: ID.4 and, of course, ID. BUZZ. Based on manufacturer estimates of EPA test cycles, each is anticipated to have an impressive range of a single charge and characteristic Volkswagen performance. The cockpits of tomorrow will be packed with technology and still have more comfy room for you. Welcome to the space age in more ways than one.

Watch the ID.4 launch on September 23rd at 11 am ET at YouTube.com/VW

Electric vehicle owners know the joys of driving and owning a battery-powered model. But for those who are on the fence about whether an electric vehicle may be right for them, Volkswagen has developed this Q&A to tackle everything you need to know and a few things you might be afraid to ask.

Why should I buy an electric vehicle?
Electric vehicles have zero direct emissions from driving and can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional vehicles. Researchers suggest that there may be no way to combat global warming without millions of electric vehicles worldwide. They’re fun to drive and quiet on the road, plus you can recharge them at home. They are also far more efficient at using energy compared to liquid fuel vehicles, which waste about two-thirds of their fuel as heat and friction. Electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation.

Why can’t I buy one today?
In the United States, EV supplies have mostly been limited either to specific states or to luxury vehicles. Volkswagen aims to change that starting with the ID.4 electric compact SUV, the first of a line of EVs it plans to launch in the United States over the next several years. These vehicles will be what Volkswagens have always been – affordable and fun to drive.

Why is Volkswagen building so many EVs?
The Volkswagen Group has pledged to make its global business carbon neutral by 2050, and electric vehicles will help make that possible. By 2025, the Group plans to build about 1.5 million electric vehicles a year worldwide – including at its U.S. factory in Chattanooga.

To read more about Volkswagen’s EVs, click this link here.

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