Pothole Damage can be very serious.

Tire wear, Front-end Alignment, Bent Rims to Broken Shocks are all results of Wintertime Pothole Damage.

Wintertime driving can certainly take it`s toll on your vehicle. Potholes are the main culprit of this damage. If you feel a vibration, or the vehicle pulls to the side after hitting a pothole, please contact us immediately at 908-277-3300 to evaluate your vehicle. For your own safety, PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT OFF AND WAIT!


Warning Signs of Pothole Damage

  • The vehicle rolls or sways on turns.
  • The vehicle`s front-end dives when braking.
  • The vehicle`s rear-end squats upon accelerating.
  • The vehicles slides or bounces on a winding, rough road.
  • The vehicle sits lower in the front or rear.
  • The vehicle loses directional control during sudden stops.
  • The vehicle is leaking or has visible signs of damage.
  • Inspect the vehicle tires for any bulges of bubbles.
  • If the steering wheel pulsates, the vehicle may have front-end damage.

Our $79.95 Pothole Damage Inspection Offer includes;

  • Complete tire and wheel inspection.
  • Suspension inspection.
  • Computerized 4-wheel alignment.
  • PLUS 10% off any Pothole related repairs.
Many components affect a vehicle’s handling. Having your car inspected, if you experience any of these signs, is good preventive maintenance and can help its parts wear less and last longer.