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Volkswagen Radiator Repairs Summit, NJ

Is your Volkswagen running hotter than normal? Do you notice a slimy bright green, pink, or yellow liquid on the ground where your Volkswagen is parked? There is a good chance that your radiator could have a crack somewhere and it should be fixed as soon as possible! A cracked radiator that is ignored could put your engine in danger of overheating and causing some expensive damage. 

While Volkswagen vehicles boast the finest craftsmanship when it comes to architecture and mechanics, cracks can occur in the radiator as they would in any other vehicle on the road. There are several things that can cause those cracks, including rust, a faulty thermostat, and a leaking head gasket. Extreme temperatures have also been known to create cracks in the radiator – and after that nasty polar vortex that we experienced this past winter where temperatures plunged to 50 below zero when the windchill is accounted for – it wouldn’t surprise us if there is an upswing in cracked radiators for many drivers. 

If you suspect that your Volkswagen model’s radiator is cracked and leaking, bring it to us here at Douglas Volkswagen as soon as possible! Our technicians at our state-of-the-art service center are specially trained to know the Volkswagen brand and believe in the same level of craftsmanship as the engineers in the Volkswagen corporate offices. They are seasoned in repairing cracked radiators and will be more than happy to help get yours in proper working condition once again. 

In addition to our technicians’ expertise and craftsmanship, we have a huge selection of Volkswagen-certified parts that were specially designed to fit your specific model. 

For more information about possible radiator issues for your Volkswagen or to schedule a service appointment, please contact us or visit our service center today! 



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