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Volkswagen has long been lauded for its affordability and top-notch quality. When you purchase a brand-new Volkswagen vehicle at a great price from Douglas Volkswagen, you expect that it will look and perform spectacularly for many years to come. While we stand by our favorite brand’s commitment to quality, it helps when you do what you can to protect your vehicle. 

Your Volkswagen encounters a variety of elements in its lifetime, like bright sunlight, pollen, and waste from birds. These elements can potentially age or damage the exterior of your Volkswagen – and premature aging and damage oftentimes affect the vehicle’s performance. 

Luckily, there is a simple solution that will protect your Volkswagen if you are unable to store it in a garage or other enclosed area – and that is a car cover! Sure, you might be able to find a suitable cover on Amazon or an overpriced auto parts chain store, but you always run the risk of it not fitting your chosen Volkswagen model. Volkswagen and its partnering manufacturers take the time to create special covers for each particular model in the brand’s lineup. And Volkswagen stays true to its reputation for quality by offering the most durable covers that will stand the test of time and hold up to the elements. You have several options to choose from – including satin stretch, triguard, and stormproof. 

If you are interested in purchasing a car cover for your Volkswagen – no matter if it is the Passat, the Golf, or the Atlas – come and visit us here at Douglas Volkswagen! Our Parts & Accessories Department will have just what you need and we are more than happy to place an order if you are looking for something specific. We are located at 491 Morris Avenue in Summit, NJ.



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