Unique in every sense of the word. A Brand New 2014 VW Beetle GSR.



Volkswagen Afficionados are well aware of this limited production, turbo-charged 210h.p., 6-Speed Manual distinguished Beetle, as only 3,500 were ever produced. The Beetle GSR has more power than a GTI, a big rear spoiler, flat-bottomed steering wheel, retuned suspension, 19-inch wheels, racing stripes, an onboard timer, boost gauge, excellent sport seats.

The GSR materialized over 40 years ago when VW responded to customer requests for a driver’s bug. It gave them a 1600-cc, 50-hp Super Beetle armed with wider tires, a double-toned horn (hey, it was the ’70s), sport seats and steering wheel, and a flashy black-and-yellow paint job. VW also provided a list of 10 approved tuning firms to the 3500 German customers who drove home the original Gelb-Schwarzer Renner (yellow-black racer).


This Brand New 2014 VW Beetle GSR has an MSRP of $31,085..... We are offering this truly unique Volkswagen for $26,225.


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