Come to Douglas Volkswagen and Meet the Newly-Redesigned 2019 Volkswagen Jetta!

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Side profile of 2019 Volkswagen Jetta in Habanero Orange Metallic

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Viewing Event in Summit, NJ at Douglas Volkswagen

Awhile back, we shared some information about the newly-redesigned 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, and we mentioned that it is due to arrive at our dealership later this spring. We are excited to announce that the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta will be available to purchase by late May. Ahead of this time frame, we will have a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta on display from Tuesday, April 24 through Saturday, April 28. Read the rest of this entry »

Learn How to Set the Perfect Temperature in Your 2018 Volkswagen Atlas!

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Air vents and climate control feature in 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Knowing Your VW: Climate Control Videos

We all know that traveling with multiple people can be a challenge when it comes to the cabin temperature. One person prefers the temperature to be warmer, another person wants the A/C on at full blast, and the last person wants something in the middle (are we traveling with Goldilocks the three bears?). With the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, everyone can enjoy their ideal temperature thanks to special climate control settings. Find out how they work by watching the videos below! Read the rest of this entry »

How Many Gallons and Tanks of Fuel Would the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Need to Visit 10 of America’s National Parks?

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Couple looking at a view in a national park with the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas parked nearby

Driving Range of 4-Cylinder and V6 2018 VW Atlas Models

National Park Week runs from April 21 through April 29, and we are extremely excited! Road tripping to the national parks is as American as Levi jeans and apple pie. And of course, one of the best vehicles to travel to the national parks is none other than the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. In addition to the comfortable passenger space and generous cargo dimensions, the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is quite efficient so you can visit more of our country’s national parks with fewer fill-ups! Don’t believe us? We picked out 10 of our favorite national parks in the contiguous United States and figured out how many gallons and fuel that the Atlas would need to visit them! Read the rest of this entry »

Watch This Video to See How a Driver Uses Her 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

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Orange 2018 VW Tiguan parked outside a cafe in a town

Patricia in the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Video

Last week, we encouraged you to share your Volkswagen story so that other Volkswagen drivers – or shoppers who are thinking about purchasing a Volkswagen – can learn how to get the most out of their vehicle. Volkswagen created a video showcasing retired French teacher Patricia and her 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. In the video, she explains how the Tiguan works for her and her passions in life. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Keep Your Volkswagen Protected with a Muddy Buddy Trunk Liner!

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2018 VW Golf Alltrack outfitted with an extended Muddy Buddy trunk liner that fits over the 60/40 split-fold rear seats

What are Volkswagen Muddy Buddy Trunk Liners?

With the spring season finally here and summer approaching very quickly, we are excited to get outside and play again. We are not truly enjoying the great outdoors unless we get wet and dirty in the lake, swamp, or mudholes. Of course, some of the best vehicles that allow us to make the most of the great outdoors are Volkswagens – like the Golf Alltrack, Tiguan, and Atlas. As much as we love the dirt and mud, we do want to keep the interior our Volkswagen clean – and we can do that with the help of available Muddy Buddy trunk liners! Read the rest of this entry »

How Can I Protect My Volkswagen from Hail?

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Image of hail-covered ground with black frame and text

Tips on How to Protect Your Volkswagen from Hail Damage During Severe Weather

We hope that we have seen the last of the winter weather now, but we are certain that Mother Nature still has some tricks up her sleeve. With the spring and summer seasons on their way (or at least we are hoping they are), we can expect to see a few severe thunderstorms that come with hail. These falling ice pellets can be as small as peas or as big as baseballs, and they cause a lot of pain and damage – not only for you but for your Volkswagen as well! Luckily, we have some tips to help keep your Volkswagen safe from falling hail. Read the rest of this entry »

Every Volkswagen Driver Has a Story to Share…

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Typewriter with "This is my story" typed out

Share Your Volkswagen Story with the VW Newsroom

Here at Douglas Volkswagen, we hear some pretty awesome stories from our customers where their Volkswagen played a significant role. Some of these stories include road trip adventures in the Atlas, first dates in the Jetta, nights out on the town with friends in the Golf, restoring a Type 2 Bus with Dad, learning how to drive the Passat with Mom, a bride arriving at her wedding in a Beetle, a couple having a Volkswagen-themed wedding, and starting a new life in a new town with only a Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and whatever could fit inside it. We absolutely love hearing these stories, and we aren’t the only ones who do! Read the rest of this entry »

Help Your Girl Scout Troop Earn Some Financial and Automotive Badges!

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Pink and purple images made to look like Girl Scout badges set on green background

Financial and Automotive Girl Scout Badges and How to Earn Them

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the Girl Scouts’ 106th Birthday by sharing how the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is perfect for Girl Scout troops. Here at Douglas Volkswagen, many of our sisters, friends, daughters, and nieces are/have been involved in this wonderful organization – and we have watched them gain confidence and achieve greatness. In addition to buying boxes of Girl Scout cookies, we want to do something special for our Girl Scouts: help them earn some of their badges. There are a few Girl Scout badges that have financial and automotive themes, and we have some suggestions – and some tools – to help our girls earn them! Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Douglas: How Do I Get My Growing Child to Use a Booster Seat?

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Stationary addressed to Dear Douglas at Douglas Volkswagen

How Big Do Kids Need to Be to Safely Graduate from Booster Seats?

Many of us parents lament about our kids growing up so fast – it seems like only yesterday they were learning how to walk! Our kids may feel differently, however, and might be eager to leave some things in the past – like their booster seat. Many parents like this letter writer deal with the frustration of getting their child to use the booster seat. Find out what Douglas from Douglas Volkswagen has to say! Read the rest of this entry »

How Do I Access the Third Row of Seats in My 2018 Volkswagen Atlas?

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Third-row seats in 2018 Volkswagen Atlas with easy-fold and slide second-row seats

Knowing Your VW: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Third-Row Seat Entry Assistance

Here on the Douglas Volkswagen blog and website, we have been mentioning the easy access to the third-row seats almost every time we talk about the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. This SUV is one of very few models on the road to be outfitted with this feature to make entering/exiting easy for your passengers. If you have been wondering how the mechanism works, here is an awesome video from Volkswagen that shows you! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »